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Who We Are

Hypevity is all about extreme sports and everything related. Our goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain anyone who is interested in sports like parachuting, kiteboarding, skiing, and paragliding.

If you are only curious about extreme sports in general, have dabbled in one or two and would like to try something new, or are an adventurous soul who has tried every extreme sport under the sun, you will find something of value on our website.

Sports descriptions, detailed how-to guides, human interest articles, and related product reviews—you will find all of this and more on our website. Whether you are choosing a kitesurf board or researching the best spots for paragliding in California, we are your go-to source.

Our content is researched, produced, and verified by people who are passionate about extreme sports. You will notice we have no lukewarm voices here; we know all about the thrill and adrenaline rush that nothing but extreme sports can supply. We have experienced everything we write about, and our content reflects our enthusiasm.

Our leading principles are accuracy, integrity, and expertise. No amateurish content or biased recommendations for Hypevity readers; we put our heart and soul into all we do.

Our writers

All Hypevity writers are trusted voices and people who are eager to share their first-hand, genuine expertise in a direct, captivating, easy-to-understand manner.

Liam Hawkins

Liam completed his bachelors in Communication and Media Research from the University of Fribourg focussing on New Media. Liam now puts his entire focus on writing articles on extreme sports like snowboarding, ski jumping, and water sports in general.

Grew up in Switzerland, Liam recalls falling in love with extreme sports early on in his life when he spent winters snowboarding, skiing in Graubünden, and Bern.

However, a bad knee injury in 2012 forced him to take some time off sports. Liam decided to put his media degree to use, started writing to share his experience and knowledge about adventurous sports in the region and around the world. That is when he was bitten by the writing bug and slowly gaining recognition for his amazingly insightful pieces in the field.

Marcos Powell

Marcos has spent most of his time editing and curating articles about his favorite sports. He’s been through the most extreme sports: base jumping, skydiving, and wing-suit diving to name a few.

Being trained as a sports journalist at the University of Missouri, Marcos was all set for covering traditional sports. After graduation, he parachuted for the first time in Utah. And that’s when Marcos realized that the world of extreme sports offered far more thrill and fulfillment.

The adrenaline rush, the excitement that one can only achieve through extreme sports, is the reason why Marcos is so passionate about writing, sharing all his knowledge and expertise with others.

Editorial Guidelines

Our editorial staff reviews and approves every article published on Hypevity. We aim to produce a detailed, diverse, and constantly updated source of knowledge on anything related to extreme sports.

Unlike other websites in the industry, we only publish content by experts who live and breathe extreme sports—and share their passion in a clear, engaging, no-nonsense way. While some of our content is aimed at beginners, we don’t provide generalized, superficial information. We shoot for depth and expertise, and our readers value this.

We have extremely high content standards and zero tolerance for fluff. Every article, guide, or product review on Hypevity is filled with nothing but valuable information.

We take care to leave no outdated items on our website. Our editorial team regularly goes through our content library, reviewing, fact-checking, and updating articles as needed to make sure they remain relevant and useful. If you spot any misinformation or outdated content on Hypevity, please let us know.


We appreciate readers who come visit Hypevity and trust the contents we put the best effort in. However, for us to keep everything up and running, we need supports from you – the reader. We may receive a commission if you click on an affiliate link on our website and make a purchase. All our product reviews are reliable, honest, and unbiased. We only recommend what we have researched thoroughly, or what we have personally tried.

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We’re always open to suggestions, ideas, feedback that you want to share. You can reach us at contact@hypevity.com | 107 Spring St, Seattle, WA 98104 | (206) 886 0836